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Here is a list of tools that I use.  Some are Visual Studio plugins, some are external stand alone tools, but all of them make life of a developer just a little better.  All of them have a very functional free version which is a huge win.  (Note: you will not find resharper in my list.  You have to pay for it and I personally don’t care for it.  So there.)

Ghost Doc

VS plugin – This tool automates the process of generating method-level, xml documentation in code.  It does an excellent job of automagically guessing what each method, property, etc does and automatically populates all common elements such as method properties and return values.  It also goes as far as creating MSDN style verbiage for events and override properties and methods.  It’s a huge time saver and encourages the best-practice of creating in-code documentation. Also, see sandcastle below.


VS plugin – This tool adds a bunch of new functionality to Visual Studio.  (IMO, Microsoft needs to buy them and rool the tool into the next version of VS. Whatever.)  There are too many features to fully cover here, so check out their site (above).  My personal favorites are the ability to group project files, and the confirmation to move files within the solution.

WoVS Quick Add Reference

VS Plugin – Bad name, good extension.  This plugin lets you automatically add a reference library AND the using statement.  This is probably the number one missing feature in Visual Studio

Sandcastle Help File Builder

If you have ghost doc (or are stupid and manually type out your xml documentation) this is an amazing tool to publish in-code documentation to help files or MSDN style websites.  I have never used N-Doc, but I hear it’s similar.

Slow Cheetah

VS Plugin – Do less with more! (Less effort with more projects … ok, lame.) This plugin supports config file transforms for all project types, not just web applications. Want to change configurations for dev, test, and production. It does that! Want to preview the transform before deploying. Yup it does that too. Want to instantly write all of your code based on the config file. Well, maybe you can talk them into adding that in a future release.

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