Windows 7 window modes


Can’t pin application windows well in multiple monitor situations:

Windows 7 introduced the ability to “pin” application windows to the sides of the screen.  If you drag a window to the side of the screen, the application is automatically re-sized to fill half.  Every time I use that feature, my life gets just a little better.  Thank you Microsoft.

However, with multiple monitors, the mouse does not pick up the transition between monitors as an edge, so you are left with only the very outer edges of the screens to pin application windows.  This is the appropriate time to flaunt my 3 monitor array at the office:

Me looking at three monitors


(Actually, now I have 4. There are two landscape screens on the left side.)


Windows/arrow keys

The solution, which I have spent far to much typing to lead up to, is to use the Windows and arrow keys to move the windows.  Mess with them yourself to find out exactly how it works.

Nerd Cred:


(Bonus points: Open several windows, then grab a window title bar with the mouse cursor and jiggle is back and forth. Neat.)

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