Scripture Reference Parser library is published

My last post was in March.  That is because I have been working feverishly on a new project and has NOTHING to do with the fact that my wife and I had a beautiful baby girl in April.  I kid.  And I digress.

Off and on since last year (more off then on, but whatever) I have been working on a library to parse scripture verses.  It started while working on for a friend of mine and deals with the inherently complicated parsing of scripture references.  References come if various flavors with combinations of abbreviations, different ways to delimit lists, and so on.  Consider the following cases:

  1. John 3:16
  2. jn 3.16
  3. Jn 3:16-7,20
  4. jon 5-6
Each of the above formats are common, yet require more than a trivial regex to parse them.  Also, not all books or verses are present in every religious text.  Different Bible translations contain or omit apocryphal books and the Book of Mormon, for example, has a completely different set altogether.  The library uses embedded XML files which contained the definitions of each supported text which provide fast, powerful parsing for virtually any reference from any scripture text.
This project is available on Feel free to contact me about supporting this project with updates or code review.
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