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Godaddy subdomain url rewriting

Problem: Adding a subdomain to a hosting account with Godaddy creates a folder within the hosting root.  By default, this folder is named the same as the subdomain, but it is editable.  The issue lies within the fact that if you reference the folder, without the subdomain, you get the same site.  Therefore, navigating to [...]

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All your Base62 are belong to us

I am currently working on my own url shortener:  In order to create the shortest possible character hash of the url, I use the GetHashCode() method of the string, then convert the resulting number to base 62 ([0-9a-zA-Z]).  The most elegant solution that I have found thus far to make the convertion (which is also [...]

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Custom Configuration Sections

They are the wave of the future, the next big thing, this Christmas’s useless fad item! Or whatever.  I don’t have time to type about them now, but here’s the link to someone who did:

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It’s All About Productivity

Here is a list of tools that I use. Some are Visual Studio plugins, some are external stand alone tools, but all of them make life of a developer just a little better. All of them have a very functional free version which is a huge win.

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Linq Group by multiple columns + Aggregate Function

Because I refer to it so often …

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What’s in YOUR snippet picker?

I have recently been adding new, custom snippets to quickly stub out stuff when developing in the MVVM pattern.  Pattern programming is a great idea, but spending hours hand-typing ICommand implementations or notification properties can make you want to disavow patterns entirely and just shove it all in the code-behind. (For those of you who [...]

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GSD License*

The GSD (Get Stuff Done) License is a free, open source, copyright free license for software and other kinds of works.

This license exists to promote productivity. Some licenses try to provide rights, but deny you the right of removing all rights to whatever from whatever, or whatever. They can be very confusing.

This license is not about rights, but about productivity so that you can get stuff done. If reading the rest of this license does not make you more productive, please consider using another license.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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