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Updated IntervalDictionary

I have completely rewritten my interval dictionary library from the ground up and posted the new code up on GitHub.  The new version is based on a singly-linked binary tree rather that the doubly linked approach I started with.  The result is significantly more elegant (ok, and bug-free) code.  Additionally, I have also exposed the [...]

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C# Named Binary Tag (NBT) library

In order to more elegantly hack Minecraft data files, I have created a .Net library for reading and writing named binary tag (NBT) files.  Sure, this sort of thing already exists, but I had a few specific goals in mind: Understand the file format by immersing myself in implementing the spec. Create a library with [...]

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Interval Dictionary Library Published

I have published an alpha version of my new project: the Interval Dictionary. This collection is similar in function to System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary but rather than associating values to keys, a value is associated to an interval. This allows O(log n) retrieval of values based on a key that would fall within an interval.

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Scripture Reference Parser library is published

Off and on since last year (more off then on, but whatever) I have been working on a library to parse scripture verses. It started while working on for a friend of mine and deals with the inherently complicated parsing of scripture references. References come if various flavors with combinations of abbreviations, different ways to delimit lists, and so on.

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An Even Better .NET Regular Expression Tester

For a long time, I have been a fan of Derek Slager’s “Better .NET Regular Expression Tester”. As an an avid user of Visual Studio, I have gotten used to using F5 to quickly debug code; however, when using Derek’s tester, that refreshes the page and I loose all my work. Thus, I have created an “even better” tester in Silverlight which evaluates the input text against the pattern in real-time as well as displaying error messages about malformed patterns. Check it out.

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New Project Idea: Internet Based Grammar

It you have ever spent any time online, you have probably spent some time browsing comments – forum comments, new article comments, other comments.  I will give every reader the benefit of the doubt that they have only ever posted useful, constructive, pertinent things in comment thread or have held their tongues.  However one thing [...]

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When I found out that the domain name was available, I had to pick it up.  I put together a simple url shortener which is currently hosted at the domain. Right now, it only performs basic url shortening.  I the future, I plan on adding accounts and tracking. One more thing … It also is [...]

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All your Base62 are belong to us

I am currently working on my own url shortener:  In order to create the shortest possible character hash of the url, I use the GetHashCode() method of the string, then convert the resulting number to base 62 ([0-9a-zA-Z]).  The most elegant solution that I have found thus far to make the convertion (which is also [...]

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